Join the Color Guard!


Gif by Elana Ignacio

Color Guard Practice! Monica Zaldivar, member of Color Guard – to the right. Click to activate.

Elana Ignacio and Kevin Flores

Color Guard is a team sport that performs choreographed dances and routines with a variety of equipment such as flags. During the Fall semester, we perform with the marching band. We also perform at rallies, parades, games, and other events.                   

Color Guard is a fun, unique, and beautiful sport. Not to mention, it looks great on college applications and resumes. Currently, we only have five members so, if this sounds interesting to you, pls join. 

Color Guard meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch and after school. At lunch, we meet in room D104 and afterschool we meet at the quad. If it is rainy or windy we meet in the GYM. 

Miya Atchley, president of Colorguard – In the middle // Elana Ignacio, Treasurer of Colorguard – To the left // Sofia Nazario, member of Colorguard – To the right

“I liked Color guard about 3-4 years ago. I used to practice with my cousin over the summer and I thought it was really fun and I wanted to join it. I think people should join because it looks really good on college applications, and you’ll get to be in a team environment with flags that put on a beautiful, breathtaking performance. Also, the team supports each other and we have a lot of fun while practicing,” said Miya Atchley, the President of the Color Guard

“I joined the Color Guard because I wanted to try something new and it looked fun. I also wanted to learn how to toss and spin a flag. I think it’s beautiful when I spin the flag and I like it. It’s also a place where I can freely be myself and I think it’s pretty good,” replied Elana Ignacio, the Treasurer of the Color Guard

“I got interested in Color Guard because it looked cool and when I joined it at first it was hard but then it was easy. When I first joined I would get hurt but I’ve gotten used to it and now I love it. It’s really fun so I think more people should join,” added Monica Zaldivar, a member of the Color Guard