Come check out the DnD club!


Art by DnD Club president Sarah Norris.

Club art by president, Sarah Norris.

Aracely Cruz, Staff Writer

Here at Pinole Valley, we have many clubs, including the Dungeons & Dragons club, which takes place Mondays and Wednesdays after school in room D206. D&D is a group storytelling roleplay game in which you create a character and play with other club members.

You can make a character by choosing class, race, gender and more. You roll for your characters stats, things like strength and intelligence. The official character sheet may confuse you at first, but with the help of the club’s members and the internet, you’ll figure it out. The game is a creative and entertaining experience to be shared with friends. It’s much like an MMO RPG, but without the online part. Your character can be whoever you want them to be and will directly affect gameplay.

What I like about the DnD club is that you can be whoever you want to be. The people in the club are really nice and funny. They listen to your ideas and try to include you. I like listening to what they have to say because they are really interesting. They think of things you would’ve never thought of. Overall, it’s just really fun because the people in the club make it that way.

The Dungeons & Dragons Club president, Sarah Norris, said, “I would like to expand more throughout the school and become more active! The club is very low profile and I’d like to reclaim the idea of D&D to be something more people will recognize and can enjoy.” This sounds like a good plan for the future. I can’t wait to see if it works out!

The Dungeons & Dragons Club vice president, Levi Porco, said, “I hope that in the future, the DnD club will have more people to come to play! Its a fun club and I would love more people to come and enjoy it!” I’m looking forward to seeing how that plans out. If you’re interested in the game, don’t hesitate to ask other members about the club! Come on by and check it out!