Culinary Club Makes Cake!


Photo by Angelina Vuong

Culinary Club preparing to decorate their cakes during the club’s most recent meeting.

Elana Ignacio , Staff Writer

The Culinary Club had a meeting on January 23, 2020. During the meeting, we were taught how to make a cake. We made a chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting!

First, we got the ingredients to make the cake such as baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt, egg, water, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, chocolate milk, and sugar. Then we combined all the dry ingredients. We also added egg, vanilla extract, chocolate milk and water to the dry mixture. When it was all whisk together we carefully divided the batter into three small pans. 

Once we put the pans in the oven, it was time to make the buttercream frosting! Buttercream frosting consists of butter so we added melted butter to a bowl and sifted powdered sugar. We added the sifted powdered sugar little by little making sure the frosting didn’t have any clumps. Then, we added red food coloring which turned the frosting to pink. We also added vanilla extract and chocolate milk to give it more flavor. Now the buttercream frosting is ready! 

After waiting for 40-50 minutes the cakes were done baking! Before we could put the frosting on the cake we let it cool down because when you put frosting on a cake while it is hot, it will make the cake crumble and fall apart. When the cakes cooled down, we took the cake out of there pans and layered it on top of each other, making a 3-layered cake. Then we coated, the cake with the pink buttercream frosting. 

After frosting the cake, we sliced and tried it. Even though it took a while to make, it was worth it because it was delicious and tasty. If you want to make delicious and tasty food like cake, then come and join The Culinary Club!