Georgia’s ‘Seeking Thrills’ is a synth odyssey.


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The cover of Georgia’s second studio album, ‘Seeking Thrills’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

The daughter of British electronic duo co-founder Neil Barnes, English singer-songwriter and producer Georgia started making music at a young age.

She began her professional career as a drummer, working for various artists, including English producer and songwriter Kwes and English poet and recording artist Kate Tempest, before releasing her self-titled debut album in June 2015, but she wouldn’t break out until early 2019 with the singles “Started Out” and “About Work the Dancefloor”.

Both received praise for their 80s synth pop-inspired sound and would later act as the third and fourth singles, respectively, from her second studio album, Seeking Thrills, which was released in early January after several delays.

Seeking Thrills is a synth odyssey that emulates the sound of the 1980s through pulsating electro pop beats and bright synths. The first four tracks — “Started Out”; “About Work the Dancefloor”; the fifth single, “Never Let You Go”; and the sixth single, “24 Hours” — follow the synth pop style and discuss themes relating to love and relationships.

An ode to clubbing and nightlife, “About Work the Dancefloor” is about losing one’s self on the dancefloor to escape the struggles of love. The song was compared favorably to Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn’s iconic club hit “Dancing On My Own”, as both feature a throbbing electro pop beat that give the tracks a warm, euphoric feeling that juxtaposes the somewhat melancholic lyrics, and the music video is a nostalgic work of art that’s shot in the style of videos from the 1980s, with simple backdrops; pops of light and color; and corny, yet charming visual effects.

The remainder of the album, while still very much in line with synth pop, features more experimental sounds, especially on tracks like the second single, “Mellow” with British rapper and DJ Shygirl, and the non-single “Ray Guns”, which sport quirky productions and odd melodies.

In addition to the change in sound, the record also begins exploring new themes such as self-discovery and self-reflection rather than love. “Till I Own It” is about taking charge of your life and the lead single, “Feel It”, is a message of self-empowerment that describes a powerful, confident feeling that nobody can take away from you. The latter also has strong feminist undertones owed to the fact that the production was performed by an all-female team of drummers.

As I mentioned above, Seeking Thrills is an odyssey. It’s a journey through human emotion, and like a person’s emotional state, it evolves over time. The closing track, “Honey Dripping Sky”, is a retrospective look at one’s life, ending the album on a tranquil note and completing the odyssey.

Seeking Thrills is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Georgia in the music video for “About Work the Dancefloor”.

This article was originally published in January 2020 and later revised in May 2020.