Echosmith evolve with ‘Lonely Generation’.



The cover of Echosmith’s second studio album, ‘Lonely Generation’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

American indie pop band Echosmith originally formed in February 2009 as a quartet consisting of siblings Sydney, Noah, Graham, and Jamie Sierota; but now exist as a trio due to the departure of Jamie, who left the group in January 2016 to raise a family.

Their career began on YouTube where they posted covers of popular songs before signing to Warner Bros. Records in May 2012 and releasing their debut EP, Summer Sampler, in June 2013. 

Their debut album, Talking Dreams, arrived in October 2013, but they wouldn’t rise to mainstream prominence until the following year when the album was reissued alongside the re-release of the lead single, “Cool Kids”, which peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains their biggest song to date.

Echosmith began promoting their sophomore record in summer 2017, releasing several singles and performing at various events until it was announced that both the album and its accompanying tour would be delayed until spring 2018 due to the band’s desire to write more material, and on its original release date of September 29, they dropped an EP that included their previously released singles titled Inside a Dream instead.

“Over My Head” was released as the new lead single in March 2018, pushing the record back again to the summer although no album ever surfaced, and the band spent the remainder of the year touring while working on new material.

After a two-year delay, numerous standalone singles, and ending their contract with Warner Bros. to become an independent artist, Echosmith finally released their second studio album, Lonely Generation, in early January.

Representing the band’s growth over the six-year period since Talking Dreams with improved vocals, songwriting, instrumentation, and an overall more refined and mature sound, Lonely Generation is an indie rock record with strong hints of country pop and pop rock, giving it a light and airy feel with the soft, guitar-based production and heavenly vocals.

The album predominantly features the theme of romance, which was likely inspired by lead singer, Sydney’s, marriage to American singer and musician Cameron Quiseng in March 2019, with songs like “Follow You” showcasing the devotion that one has for their partner and the second single, “Shut Up and Kiss Me”, describing the passion of a budding relationship when talk is cheap and intimacy is everything.

Aside from love, Lonely Generation also touches on youth culture and self-empowerment. The lead single and title track is a commentary on Millenials, expressing concern for their dependence on technology based on the band’s personal experience as Millenials, and the third single, “Diamonds”, is an anthemic reminder of one’s self-worth that tells the story of an insecure young woman described as “a diamond in a sea of pearls” who has the potential to “save the world”.

“Diamonds” could be seen as a loose continuation of the narrative that was explored by “Cool Kids”, with the latter introducing the insecure woman and the former showing her evolution as she finds her worth. 

Echosmith has definitely grown a great deal since “Cool Kids”, evolving from a teen indie band to a fully-realized group, and Lonely Generation is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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The members of Echosmith; (from left to right); Graham Sierota, Sydney Sierota, and Noah Sierota in the music video for “Diamonds”.

This article was originally published in January 2020 and later revised in May 2020.