Robokid takes a somber joyride with ‘SPORTSANGEL’.


Moving Castle

The cover of Robokid’s somber and metallic second mixtape, ‘SPORTSANGEL’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

American singer-songwriter and producer Robokid first emerged in December 2013 as a co-founder of Los Angeles-based record label and music collective Moving Castle, producing tracks for other artists while working on his own material before releasing his debut EP, Apart, in January 2018.

His debut mixtape, RK1, arrived in early March, after which he gained some notoriety on the underground pop music scene for his collaborations with American singer-songwriter Slayyyter, who he supported on her debut headlining tour, The Mini Tour, over the summer in addition to producing several tracks for her debut mixtape, and after a slew of singles and a slight delay, Robokid released his highly anticipated second mixtape, SPORTSANGEL, in early December.

In contrast to RK1, which featured smooth synths and gentle beats, SPORTSANGEL sports harder, more solid sounds inspired by 1980s electro pop, and at times, holds a metallic quality, especially on the intense title track.

Lyrically, SPORTSANGEL is similar to RK1, as they both explore themes relating to the highs and lows of a relationship. “Angelfire” describes the juxtaposition between love and lust during the honeymoon phase, while the second single, “Heartless” with American singer-songwriter Ravenna Golden, discusses numbing oneself via heavy drug use in order to escape the pain of heartbreak.

The melancholic atmosphere established by these tracks is eventually disrupted by electronic bangers like the fifth single and arguably Robokid’s best production to date, “Fast Car”, and the sixth single, “2003” with Slayyyter — an abrasive party anthem about indulging in reckless behavior and not caring at all about the repercussions or the morning after.

Overall, SPORTSANGEL has the feel of a somber joyride and makes me think of cruising at night through a world of chrome, and after dropping two flawless projects in less than a year, Robokid has solidified his place as a top producer on the underground pop music scene.

SPORTSANGEL is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Robokid as he appears on the single cover for “Fast Car”.

This article was originally published in December 2019 and later revised in May 2020.