The Romeo and Juliet play in the Pinole Valley High School Theater

On December 13th, the Pinole Valley High School Theater Arts Class performed a play based off of the classical play Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare! The play took place in the Pinole Valley High School theater at 5:30pm and lasted for nearly an hour. The cost of the ticket to enter the theater to watch the play was $1 per student and $2 per adult.

According to the Synopsis in the play’s pamphlet, “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two young lovers from families embroiled in decades-long feud. Romeo and Juliet can be found in Shakespeare’s First Folio and is believed to be based on several different Italian novellas and is set in Verona, Italy.”

The play’s pamphlet also lists the cast and crew members of the play. The cast members for the play include:

Angelina Anderson – Juliet

Ryan Tomas – Romeo

Kaaliyah Rogers – Lord Montague

Mehak Singh – Lady Montague

Caya Moore – Lord Capulet

Anessa Brewer – Lady Capulet

Jimmiesha Robinson – Friar Lawrence

Sadye Loza-Cottle – Mercutio

Emily McGregor – Benvolio

Heron Sanders – Tybalt

Lorrena Fedelin – Nurse

Desiree Jaime – Friar John

Raul Rodriguez – Balthasar

Anya Barnes – Gregory

Raina McBurnie – Sampson

Armandeep Gill – Abraham

Citizens, Revelers & Others – Andrew H., Ashley G., Victoria D.

The crew members for the play include:

Larry McDonald – Curtains

Damien Insixiengmay – Stage Manager

Didi Prim Mahalo Parker, Sienna Sheridan – Lights