Humans of Pinole Valley: Michelle Hong


Photo by Glendy Jimenez

Michelle Hong, the Pinole Valley High School Cheer Squad Captain.

“My family, my sister especially, and my personal goals in life motivate me to keep pushing myself. Seeing my parents work so hard my entire life has made me appreciate the value of hard work to get where I want. My biggest goal in life is honestly to just be happy with my career, my family, and my health. I eventually want to become a nurse practitioner because I love being able to help others. I want to be able to take care of people who have taken care of me. I don’t think I can describe myself in one word but it’d probably be caring. I try and take care of everyone in my life which can be good and bad. It makes me happy to see people I care about happy.

“I won nationals with my all-star cheer team in 2018 after a rough season. I’m super proud to be cheer captain this year of so many girls. I think my biggest accomplishment is just how I’ve been handling senior year because it’s been tough with how much I have going on. It’s definitely been extremely hard juggling so many things at once. I’ve been able to survive by learning how to manage my time well and prioritizing myself. It’s also important to take time for yourself once in a while when you have such a busy schedule. I honestly don’t have much free time but I like to spend time with my friends and let myself relax. Most of my alone time is really just me sleeping.

“It’s been challenging being captain of 40 girls this year because the teams I’ve been on have always been small. I’ve made a lot of connections with amazing people through cheer and I’m extremely grateful for my coaches. I’m super proud of each and every one of the girls on the team.

“Something people should know about me is that even though I’m tiny and quiet most of the time, I’m actually super loud and fun around the right people. I’m just very reserved but I wish I was better at making friends.

“My best friends Maria and Carlos make me happy because they understand me like nobody else can. I appreciate literally anyone who can make me laugh and enjoy myself.

“Pinole Valley’s vibe has completely changed since moving to the new school but I like how there is more school spirit this year.”