Spartan Football!

Joshua Francisco, Staff Writer

Everyone goes through struggles, and ideally, in the end, we find ourselves persevering. The Pinole Valley High School football team has known struggle very well. Coming back from a 10-1 season the team had people wondering how the team will do this year. There is a lot of pressure for the new players and returning players on varsity, and a great season to live up to.

The new team has started off on a rocky start. Losing the first few games was not really a good look for the team, but this is understandable. The team has lost the majority of their starters from last year because last year’s team were mostly seniors. The team needed to gain chemistry in order to execute. A few weeks have gone by and the football team has won 3 games and lost only 1 game. League has started and the team’s record, in League, is 2-1. The Spartans won League and proceeded to the playoffs. The team’s overall record is 6-4. The team has a bye week before the big game and is working very hard to try and win another game. The season came to an end and the team ends the season with a 6-5 record.

Football is a very rugged sport. It will tear you apart and break you with no remorse. It is a game of physicality, mentality, emotions, and it is one hell of a roller coaster ride, but it is worth it all. Football will change you to become a person willing to take on anything that comes your way and to push through no matter the adversity. The level of work ethic you need to have and consistency is draining, and these are the things people do not see. The pain a player goes through and what they have to do to stay healthy and be their best to be able to perform every game. On top of these things, you have to deal with reality and the image people have of you. Being an athlete is truly a blessing and at the end of the day will benefit you greatly. And finally, football teaches you to have fun and enjoy the little things life throws your way because once the first whistle blows on that first play of the game, the only thing that matters is here and now.

There were a good amount of seniors on the football team, but here are a few seniors that have given a little summary of their high school football careers. The players were asked about how they felt about their whole high school football experience, how they felt about the season, and how did football change them.

Elijah Mercer-Hursh: “What I feel about the whole football season is that it’s the milestone for the next level in college. Football changed my views on what’s right from wrong and taught me how to be able to work with others. This season has prepared me to face reality on and off the field, and what type of leadership it takes to bring it to the next level.

Tiheim Keaton: “Football made me a more determined person. It taught me leadership and perseverance. We started the season with a young group with no chemistry. We with a team of people willing to lay everything down for their teammates. It was hard starting the season with back to back losses at home, but we got out of the mud and did what we had to.”

Jeremiah Philips: “Football has been a great experience. It’s been responsible for a significant amount of growth as both an individual and as a man. Football has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in many ways. In doing so, it has taught me many lessons of which are applicable to my everyday life and decision making. My last season was great, it wasn’t the 10-0 season every player hopes for; it was a season full of trials and tribulations that we had to find innovative ways to overcome, as a team. I would like to thank all the coaches, players, and supporters for such a great season that I’ll never forget.”