Jadeyn Wilson and Brenda Gallardo

The death of Juice Wrld impacted a lot of people around campus and around the world. He died on Sunday, December 8th, 2019. The cause of his death was from a seizure early in the morning at Midway International Airport. He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital which was Advocate Christ Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois and eventually passed away there. He allegedly took some unknown pills prior to his death. Juice Wrld just turned 21 about a week ago and it’s just so sad how he passed so soon when his career was taking off. Today we have interviewed a couple of people about how they feel about his death. 

Joshua Francisco, a Pinole Valley High School senior said, “I just feel like it’s crazy how a lot of young artists are dying because of drugs. I don’t think he was a legend but the way he impacted people was just different.”  Glendy Jimenez, a sophmore added, “I don’t know much about him but respect to his death.” Erica Hernandez, a junior, said: “I knew Juice Wrld and his music but honestly I didn’t really care when he died.“ Another Pinole Valley student, sophomore Catherine Johnson, said, “I think that it’s fake and he’s not dead because he said that he was gonna stage his death when he blew up specifically at the age of twenty one.” Finally, Carter Smith, a freshman, chimed in with, “I think it’s crazy how he was so young and he had so much influence on the world and it’s just kinda messed up how he died at such a young age.” 

The passing of Juice Wrld will greatly affect some of the students at Pinole Valley High, it’s definitely a shame what happened and how he died but things happen and eventually you have to move on.