Scholarships! 1st Week of December

Ana Soto, Scholarships Editor

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Hello Spartans! Here are this week’s scholarships:

    • We have a week of great scholarships, today Clarkson University is providing 10 full-time, four-year scholarships, if you want to know more, come to the office, deadline December 15.
    • Todays scholarships is The Cobell Scholarship Program. You must be American Indian or Alaska Native Students who are apart of tribes that are federally recognized in the U.S. December 15 through March 31 for applications.
    • Todays scholarship is an Asian Pacific Island mix, including scholarships for Asian volleyball players and Asians whose families work in restaurants.
    • In honor of Health’s big day, we have a Critical Care Scholarship that asks the question–Why do We need CNA’s in the healthcare industry?  If you can write 600 words and get this in, you can win $500, which will buy a nice set of scrubs.
    • We also have The Tang Scholarship for any Asian or Pacific Island student who identifies as gay, lesbian, or transgender, open to all Bay Area seniors with a strong GPA and need. Due April 30.