Christmas Movies to get you in the mood


Maralya Mendoza and Addrine Guillory

It’s Christmas season ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to watch your favorite holiday movies! Here are some of my favorite movies so get everyone feeling the holiday!

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is about a child who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus or anything about the holiday. He gets woken up in the middle of the night because he hears a train going by his house. He gets on the train and is taken to the North Pole where he meets Santa Claus. Halfway there, the train tracks are under the ice so they have to drift back and forth to get on the tracks that are on the other side. Eventually, they get to the North Pole and the boy can’t see Santa until he says he believes. Santa comes up to him and gives him the first gift of Christmas, and he finally believes in Santa Claus.



How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Everyone knows How the Grinch Stole Christmas, of course. It’s about the Grinch and why he doesn’t like Christmas or the Who’s that live down in Whoville. At the beginning of the movie, Cindy Lou Who and her Dad are shopping for Christmas presents for everyone in their family. Cindy meets the Grinch and isn’t scared of him. She’s more intrigued by him and wants to know more about him and why he hates Christmas so much. She figures it out and invites him to the 1000th Whoville Whobilation where he wins a prize. But it was all a joke, so he stole all the presents of the children. When everyone finds their presents gone they mourn about it, but Cindy Lou and her family are glad that the presents are gone. Cindy Lou goes to the Grinch and he saves her from falling off the cliff. After all that, the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes bigger and he starts to like Christmas again.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie is about the pumpkin king Jack Skellington and how he is tired of Halloween and the same old thing every year. He’s so tired of it so when he finds Christmas town he wants to become the new Santa but soon with the help of his love Sally and the townsfolk, he realizes where he truly belongs.






A Christmas Carol

There lived a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who lives alone. He doesn’t like Christmas or anything to do with the holiday. He gets invited to his nephew’s Christmas Eve party but never goes because he heard everyone talking badly about him. Scrooge goes home and has tea by the fireplace before he sleeps. The clocks begin to change the time on their own, however, so he ends up going to bed earlier. When he goes to bed, he has dreams of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future. He sees himself dying alone and no one going to his funeral. He wakes up when he is thrown into his own coffin inside the dream world. As soon as Scrooge realizes he isn’t dead, he has a different outlook on the holiday and actually starts to like it! He goes to his nephew’s Christmas party and everyone is surprised but happy he could make it.


Home Alone

Young Kevin hates his family and well they seem to dislike him too. They tease him and even his uncle calls him names. 

After having a fight with his brother and arguing with his mom saying how much he hates his family. Young Kevin gets left home alone on Christmas Eve, while his family goes on a trip. This may seem like a dream come true to Kevin, until some robbers try to break in his family home. So he sets up traps to get them while his family finds a way back home.




Santa Clause

On Christmas night, Scott Calvin and his son are just chilling. They hear something on the roof. So, Scott climbs up and accidentally scaring Santa it kills him. So, in return, he becomes the new Santa. Now, he’s dealing with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend being all “Santa isn’t real” to his son, and his ex-wife thinking he’s gone crazy, while trying to keep his steady job, keeping a good relationship with his son, and having to get used to his new beard and all the weight he’s gaining.