PVHS Blood Drive

Addrine Guillory, Staff Writer

Hello Spartans!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Now as you may all know Friday we had a blood drive, which was a major success thanks to the student helpers, Mr. Heyward, and all the volunteers.

On November 22nd the annual PVHS Blood Drive was happening. Marcen, a few other student volunteers, Mr. Heyward and the doctors are all set up and waiting for students to arrive. Joey Ow, another volunteer, is walking around the school with passes to give out to the students. When you first arrive at the room where the blood drive is happening you have to sign in. Then you wait around 20 minutes until you’re called. Before anything they have to ask you questions about if you traveled in the past year to another country and all that stuff. After that then you’re ready to go. 

After that, you get laid down and the blood drive volunteer looks for your vein and sticks the needle in. They take one pint of blood and if you don’t like needles then it’s an uncomfortable experience. After all that you get cleaned up and offer some snacks and juice to get your energy back up. Everyone I know who participated this year and last year said it was way easier than it seems. One of my good friends Niara says if you have the time then do it, “It’s honestly not that bad and you’re helping someone in need,” 

For me, I wasn’t able to do the blood drive because my height doesn’t go with my weight ( basically I’m too small) so I was upset but, sorta happy i couldn’t do it because I’m not good with needles and I’m better at being moral support than actually giving blood. 

“It’s a really nice experience, and I think everyone should do it at least once in their life,” says Mr. Bbedwell. So if you didn’t make this one you can always make the next one in spring or you can donate now at your local hospital. I really advise you guys to do it.