Graveyardguy wakes the dead with ‘Here Lies Graveyardguy’.



The cover of Graveyardguy’s debut mixtape, ‘Here Lies Graveyardguy’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

On the underground pop music scene, American singer-songwriter Graveyardguy is known for his dark, electronic bops that incorporate elements of horror and the macabre. 

He first emerged in October 2016 with his debut EP, Chapel, and later rose to prominence in October 2018 with his viral single, “Final Girl” — a collaboration with American singer-songwriter Slayyyter that pays homage to American horror classic Scream, depicting a hot and heavy struggle between a killer, portrayed by Graveyardguy, and his final victim, portrayed by Slayyyter.

The follow-up singles, “Living Dead Boy” and “Go to Hell”, earned him even more exposure, and on Halloween day, Graveyardguy released his debut mixtape, Here Lies Graveyardguy, enlisting the help of American singer-songwriter and producer Ayesha Erotica and American singer-songwriter and producer BOY SIM for production, the latter of whom’s expertise is showcased on the nasty intro track, “RIP”, which references American slasher film Friday the 13th with eerie whispered vocals that imitate the calling card of the film’s main protagonist, Jason Voorhees.

Lyrically, Here Lies Graveyardguy uses horror to allude to sex. “Living Dead Boy” likens the passion that Graveyardguy feels for his lover to the feeling of having been brought back to life via necromancy, and “PG-13” describes the classic horror movie scenario of a young couple engaging in sexual activity in a dimly lit movie theater.

“Go to Hell” strays away from the spooky sexual innuendos, and instead compares Hollywood to hell, with the only way to get your star on the Walk of Fame being to sell your soul to the devil himself.

As you can probably tell, Graveyardguy is a big fan of horror films, and just like the majority of horror fans, he is also Queer. Queer undertones can be found on tracks like “Undertaker”, especially with the lyric, “No I don’t really mind if it’s girls or it’s guys cause that s**t doesn’t matter, yeah, after you die”.

Although it’s one of the mixtape’s only explicitly Queer lines, its inclusion is still vital because while the majority of horror fans are Queer, very few people associate the horror scene with Queer people, and most horror films offer no accurate Queer representation, erasing the genre’s primary consumer demographic.

One of Graveyardguy’s missions as an artist is to be the Queer representation that the horror scene is severely lacking in today’s media, and there’s no question that he’s achieving that goal with Here Lies Graveyardguy, which is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Graveyardguy as he appears in the press release photos for ‘Here Lies Graveyardguy’.