Brooke Candy unleashes her inner freak with ‘SEXORCISM’.

The cover of Brooke Candy's debut studio album, 'SEXORCISM'. It appears censored for this publication.


The cover of Brooke Candy's debut studio album, 'SEXORCISM'. It appears censored for this publication.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

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Emerging in late 2012 with her viral single, “Das Me”, American rapper and singer Brooke Candy is known for her avant-garde aesthetic and unconventional approach to hip-hop. 

The conversation surrounding her debut album began when she signed to RCA Records following her independently-released debut mixtape, The Mixtape, in June 2013. Her debut EP and first project on a major label, Opulence, was released in May 2014, and that summer, Candy revealed her debut album, Daddy Issues, was officially in production. 

After dropping a handful singles throughout 2016 and 2017, including “Happy Days” and “Living Out Loud” with Australian singer-songwriter Sia, RCA confirmed the album would be released in spring 2017, however, Daddy Issues was ultimately scrapped when Candy left the label in summer 2017 due to creative differences, as she didn’t want to make the “mainstream” music they were pressuring her to make. 

She originally promised to release a new EP in its place, but it was eventually scrapped as well, and instead, she dropped another handful of singles, including “War” and “My Sex”, throughout 2018 before an announcement in late March revealed her debut studio album, SEXORCISM, would be released later in the year. 

The lead single, “XXXTC”, a seductive banger with a powerful bass and a collaboration with American rapper Maliibu Miitch and English singer-songwriter Charli XCX, dropped in June, and SEXORCISM arrived in late October as an ode to sexual pleasure and a celebration of female sexual dominance. 

Paying homage to Madonna’s controversial 1992 album, Erotica, SEXORCISM follows a movement in hip-hop, a genre notorious for its overt male sexuality and female objectification, that sees female rappers taking back the power through reversing the roles, flaunting their own sexuality with lyrics that objectify men. 

The tracklist is littered with collaborations, most of whom are women, and the songs feature a varying degree of scandalous lyrics from slight innuendos to heavy sexually explicit content. Candy owns her sexual promiscuity with tracks like “Nymph”, on which she proudly declares herself a “nymphomaniac”.

While some may call it “obscene”, SEXORCISM‘s blatant sexuality isn’t without purpose. In addition to celebrating female sexual liberation, Candy wants to break down the many societal taboos surrounding sex. Natural parts of human sexuality, like masturbation and casual sex, are often looked down upon by our prudish society, which shames people for taking pleasure in their bodies. Brooke Candy wants to challenge these perceptions of sex, encouraging people to get their freak on!

SEXORCISM is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Candy in the music video for “XXXTC”.