Air Pods Pro Review

Apple has announced the all-new Airpods Pro. The Airpods Pro is a massive upgrade from the Airpods 2, it has a completely different design. It has noise cancellation so no noise outside of your Airpods can be heard but only what you are listening to. The Airpods Pro has all new software, new chips, and new hardware.

The Airpods Pro has a longer battery life that lasts over 24 hours and they have wireless charging. You can listen to one hour of music with only five minutes of charge. You can also connect these Airpods to any kind of Android device or something that’s not Apple.

Airpods Pro is basically the next generation of Airpods 2 or you can just talk them Airpods 3. There is a brand new design for Airpods Pro. It’s wireless and Bluetooth. It sends music by connecting the Bluetooth of Airpods to a device like the iPhone. The Airpods are waterproof, and the new technology allows you to connect to music faster than ever.

This is what a PVHS freshman said that Airpods are “too expensive for two pieces of plastic, and you can get Dr. Beats Dre for cheaper than that and they are top quality.”