VÉRITÉ lets go of the past with ‘new skin’.


VÉRITÉ, AWAL Recordings America

The cover of VÉRITÉ's second studio album, ‘new skin’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

American singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ is an intellectual and a fantastic songwriter, and every one of her songs tells a story with complex lyricism and catchy melodies.

She self-released her debut single, “Strange Enough”, in July 2014 followed by her debut EP, Echo, in October of that year, and she dropped two more EPs — Sentiment (June 2015) and Living (May 2016) — before releasing her incredible debut album, Somewhere in Between, in June 2017 — a vulnerable, in-depth look at her struggles with depression, anxiety, and feeling “numb” to the world.

Two years later, VÉRITÉ is turning over a new leaf with the release of her second studio album, new skin, in late October that, while just as vulnerable as her previous record, has a more positive connotation with themes of healing and moving on that are reflected by the title track, which opens the album with a declaration of her newfound peace of mind.

The most obvious difference between the two records can be seen with their cover art, as Somewhere in Between is in black and white while new skin is in color, symbolizing the personal growth that VÉRITÉ has achieved over the past two years after removing herself from that dark place in her mind.

The primary theme of the album, however, is love without idealism and accepting all of the trials and tribulations of a relationship. Tracks like the fourth single, “good for it”, and the third single, “ocean”, depict the beginning of a romance and the bliss and serenity of the honeymoon phase as if it’ll last forever, but it doesn’t.

The record then moves into a more tragic narrative, describing a vicious break-up, and VÉRITÉ reveals that she’d been cheated on with the second single, “youth”, and the fifth single, “think of me”, which portray her feelings toward the situation through brutal honesty, referencing very specific events to communicate her anger and sadness.

The lead single, “gone”, is a heartbreaking moment of clarity for VÉRITÉ as she comes to terms with the end of the relationship, and the song’s appropriate placement toward the end of the album indicates that her journey of emotions and heartbreak has finally come to an end. 

VÉRITÉ is finally free, and new skin is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

Stream new skin on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2b0dLMRLdninQEdHJpwTiA?si=SI0mdx1ZT2KEo4vpMfy3uw 

Watch the music video for “gone”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bmx0YfrHZw 

VÉRITÉ, AWAL Recordings America
VÉRITÉ in the music video for “gone”.