Hoco Must Needs!

Hoco Must Needs!

Glendy Jimenez and Jadeyn Wilson, Staff Writers

Homecoming is this Saturday and you need to be prepared! Here are some must needs and tips for the homecoming dance. 

  • Clothing!

Please wear clothing. We don’t want to see anyone half naked or fully naked. Trust me it could happen. Please dress appropriately and dress nice. 

  •  Your ticket!

There’s no entry without your ticket, so don’t forget it! You don’t want to be stuck outside and let all your money go to waste. Be responsible and bring your ticket so you won’t miss out on the fun! Plus you can be tinder and take pictures of your ticket with friends.  

  • Deodorant

No one wants to be musty at the dance. Make sure you bring some just in case. You are going to be dancing all night and sweating. Please bring and wear deodorant, we don’t want to be smelling anything musty!  

  • Bag/ purse

You don’t want to lose any items while dancing, so just make sure you bring a bag to keep all your items in one place. Make sure you are aware of your bag because you don’t want anything to get stolen. 

  • Sweater

The dance is outdoors, so make sure you bring a jacket because it will get cold. It is also at night so the sun won’t be out. We don’t want anyone to die from hypothermia. Please stay warm because we don’t want anyone to get sick. 

  • ID

Your ID might not be necessary, but make sure you bring it just in case. They want to make sure you actually bought a ticket. It is better safe than sorry so bring your I.D.