Scholarships! 3rd Week of of October

Ana Soto Juarez, Staff Scholarship Editor

This week’s scholarship opportunities for Pinole Valley High School students.

Hello Spartans! Here are this week’s scholarships:

  • Our First Amendment Freedom council has multiple cash prizes to students who can describe one of the five freedoms inside the 1st Amendment.  We have details in the PVHS front office.
  • I shot an arrow into the air/It fell to earth, I knew not where. If this is you, The National Field Archery Association Foundation has no scholarship for you–it only goes to people who know how to get an arrow to go where they want it to. Come to the front office for details.
  • A Cook’s Scholarship, the AAC is giving out cash to those committed to working in a kitchen, that’s the American Academy of Chefs and it is open till next week, so turn up the flame.
  • The Robert Hunter Swadley For Excellence in Horticulture Scholarship.  If you have a green thumb and love watching plants grow and you have a 3.0 GPA or better, come to the front office and apply.