Pinole Valley Water Polo

Ryan Armstrong, Sports Writer

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Do you have a passion for swimming and are interested in competition? If yes, you would love water polo. Water polo is a sport at Pinole Valley High School practiced everyday at Contra Costa College Pool. There, you will be taught how to play through intense practices, discipline, and by watching tournaments with your team. The team learns how to swim fast, shoot balls, learn strategy, and communicate. Water polo is a game of skill and you have to learn different strategies in order to best the other teams. The Spartans on the team are guessing that within the next two years, they will be the best team in the district due to the rise of new players,and the coaching brought to us by Valerie Potts, Jim Ulversoy, and Coach Nelson.

Everyone on the team has different reasons for joining water polo. Tyler Collins, a Junior at Pinole Valley High shared his opinion with me about why he has joined water polo, “It is great conditioning for the body. Practices are fun and they keep me in shape. I am a lot stronger and more fit ever since i joined water polo.” Lestyn Park, another member of the team added, “Playing water polo helps me relieve all of my stress. I am able to take out any anger or frustration in the game. And also it is nice to get out of school early for our tournaments.” Both of them added that water polo is extremely fun and they highly recommend it to anyone who can swim and wants to compete.