Girl Empowerment Club: Join us next year!

Jasmine Fallaha, Guest Contributor

The Girl Empowerment Club is “a place where everyone can come and voice their opinions and discuss the many feminist issues we have in the country,” said the club president, Jasmine Fallaha. The club was established in 2017. Not only do we discuss current events, but we also volunteer, make hygiene kits, and advocate for the women in our community. We invite anyone to come join our club as we have a safe space for everyone to voice their opinions.

As a club we like to volunteer during the holiday season at the Bay Area Rescue mission. We pack food, wrap gifts, and serve lunch to people in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas. In January we set up a hygiene drive and donate the products to the rescue mission as well.

Some of the outings that we do as a club are womens sporting games and different womens shelters. For example, we went to a Cal volleyball game. The reason for visiting a women’s sport is to show support for a very low attended game. We had a great experience and hope to go to a women’s basketball game as well.

Once a week we will hold meetings on Fridays in Ms. Brady’s room. We watch videos and discuss many topics that revolve around women. We use different methods for running our meeting. Sometimes meetings will involve debates and or watching videos. Along with holding meetings we also hope to fundraise for Breast cancer awareness and women’s awareness month. We also have plans to have guest speakers and women awareness days in the upcoming school year. With the new campus on the way, we hope to have more campaigning and more use of resources to help promote our club.

We invite anyone to come join our club and to spread the awareness of what many women in our community and world go through.