AP Summer Assignments are Here!

AP Summer Assignments are Here!

Elizabeth Johnston, Staff Writer

Spartans who plan to take an AP class next school year should pick up their summer assignments this week. These summer assignments are a good way to ease into the subject and prepare yourself for the material next year, and they may also be required for credit in the class.

Below are several AP classes, listed with their teachers and room numbers so that you can pick up the work and make a good impression introducing yourself to the teacher. The earlier you do so, the better – it’s easier to ask any questions you might have now, when the teachers are still on campus and readily available.

  • AP Literature and Composition – Mr. Bedwell, room #37
  • AP Language and Composition – Mr. Barrett, room #35
  • AP Calculus – Ms. Hu, room #48
  • AP U.S. History – Mr. Frattini, room #55
  • AP Biology – Ms. Tabbutt, room #19
  • AP American Government – Ms. Wood, room #40
  • AP Spanish – Mr. Botello, room #83

Best of luck with your summer assignments, Spartans! Don’t wait until the last minute to start them.