Animal Stress Relief Day

Pinole Valley High School was lucky to have some furry friends pay a visit earlier this month. It is the second year in which Leadership has put on a Stress Relief Eay. Junior and ASB Vice President Mara Crooks is the person to thank for this event. The West Contra Costa Animal shelter brings animals from their shelters for students to meet to help relieve them of some of the end-of-year stress. After the first long week of AP testing, this visit was much needed! The faces of the students and teachers who came to pay a visit were absolutely precious. You can really tell that they were immediately relieved of their stress. Ms. Morgan even fell in love with the precious black kitten and will be looking into trying to adopt him!

We got to meet one very sweet dog by the name of Godiva. She was named Godiva after the chocolate because she is sweet and brown, how adorable! She was a medium-sized brown dog with the most charismatic personality. Godiva was found in Concord about two weeks ago. Upon arrival at the shelter, she was analyzed and helped by the medical team who estimated that she was about 6 or 7 years old. Godiva was then examined by the behavioral team who said she was a good enough girl to be able to be around people. Which Steve Burro, who works for the Contra Costa Animal Shelter, told us that was very rare. For an animal so new to the shelter to be allowed to do things like this. Godiva was the sweetest dog, we got to see all the tricks she knew. She loved kitty treats and also walking with all the students. She was extremely eager to meet every new group of people that went to pay her a visit.

There are so many sweet furry friends at the Contra Costa Animal Shelter just like Godiva! Right now there is a May Day Adoption Special at Contra Costa Animal Shelter from May 5 – 31. There are many stray animals who are loving and looking for a good home. If adoption isn’t a possibility the shelter is always available to donations to help the animals. If you’re looking for more information on adoption or donations about the animals, the shelter’s website is filled with information about the animals and all the ways you can help or adopt! The shelters locations are Martinez Shelter, 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez, and Pinole Shelter,  910 San Pablo Ave, Pinole.