The Best Night Of My Life


Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

This is how the best night of my life became to be. I was laying down next to my mother begging her to take me to the Ariana Grande concert for my 15th birthday. I have already begged her many times before but she would always say “we’ll see”. I guess I pushed her what buttons and my mom finally said yes! I didn’t believe it and asked her if she was being serious. She said she was and went on a website to buy the tickets. At first we couldn’t decide to go to San Jose or Sacramento because both were pretty far. We ended up choosing Sacramento because San Jose was packed and had no more good seats. The tickets were pretty expensive but they really were worth it.

I did not know what I was going to wear but I did know I wanted to wear one of her merchandise. I would say her merchandise is a reasonable price, not only do you get what you ordered but you also get a digital copy of her newest album “thank u, next”. I was going to order it myself and pay for it because my parents already spent of lot of money but I was broke. I was pretty sad and I was too scared to ask my parents but then I get a text from one of closest friends. They told me they bought me one of her merchandise. I was surprised and super happy! Second best news!

I would countdown the days and I would get even more excited every time the date kept getting closer. When I saw Ariana Grande’s ‘Coachella’ performance I was shaken. Her performance was so good and I really couldn’t believe I was going to experience all of that in a couple of days. There were only a few days left before her concert and I would have mixed emotions. I was really excited but I was also nervous. I was nervous because I really couldn’t believe it and felt like it was pranked.

Well, it wasn’t a prank! I woke Friday, May 3rd with a whole bunch of excitement. It was the day of the concert! I was very energetic and wanted to go to the arena quick. I realized it was only 9 and I had to kill time so I decided to do some chores. A few hours passed and it was time to go on the road! The concert was all the way in Sacramento and we caught a lot of traffic. We didn’t arrive until 5 p.m. to the hotel we were going to stay in overnight. We got settled in and waited until 6 p.m. to go to the arena.

We at the arena and it was packed! There were many people and the lines were so long! We waited about 30 minutes until they started letting people in. We got past security with no problem and they scanned our tickets and we were finally in. The arena was huge inside! We walked to our seats and the stage was so huge and beautiful. ‘The Golden 1 Center’ is such a great arena and was so excited to see Ariana perform.

It was 7:30 and the lights turned off. The ‘Social House’ came out and performed! They got the crowd up and moving a bit. They were really entertaining and flirted with the crowd. After the ‘Social House’, Normani came out! She was amazing! She sang a few songs and danced a lot, she really got the crowd moving and excited! 30 minutes after Normani left the lights turned off once again. 2 seconds later you hear “When the raindrops fell”, I died. I felt so many different emotions. A few tears went down as well. I was so happy and couldn’t believe it. It all felt like a dream.

Ariana came out singing ‘Raindrops’ and transitioned singing ‘God is a Woman’. Her voice was amazing and her outfits were to die for! Ariana sang a few songs from her ‘Sweetener’ album, ‘Thank u, Next’ album, and even 1 or 2 songs from her ‘Dangerous Woman’ album, ‘My Everything’ album, and ‘Yours Truly’ album! Everyone was dancing and singing along with Ariana Grande! In a few songs, Ariana Grande sang you could hear the hurt in her voice, especially when she sang ‘Needy’, ‘Breathin’, ‘Goodnight & Go’. You could see she was about to cry but we tried to help her out by singing along as loud as we can and showing all the love we have for her. Ariana Grande sang a few emotional song but also some songs that got people moving. ‘7 ring’, ‘NASA’, ‘Breakup with your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’, ‘Sweetener’, ‘Successful’  and ‘Break Free’ were the songs that really had the whole crowd dancing, jumping, and singing as loud as we can. At the end, Ariana went for another outfit change. While she was changing there was a video playing on the screen. The video started off of many Tweets and people talking about her new single ‘Thank u, Next’, a song about her exes. The video also had pictures of her and her friends, the making of the music video and her as a toddler saying it was the end of the show. The whole crowd was cheering and screaming “THANK U, NEXT”. Ariana came out singing and dancing. We all joined with her and by the very end confetti came out. When she was done she thanked us for being there and supporting us!

When it all ended and I went back to the hotel I felt sad because it was all over. I wanted to relive that moment all over again. I’m so thankful and glad I went, it was the best night ever!!!!!

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