Opinion: Dress Code


Stephanie Jimenez

Black and white shoes but in a different style, cuffs on jeans or capris are a way of expressing individuality through clothing.

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

That time has come when the weather gets super hot and the shorts come out. Several people like dressing cool in order to be comfy, many like dressing fashionably in order to feel confident. But everyone is restricted because of the school dress code. Let me rephrase that. Every girl is restricted because of the dress code.

Although the Title IX of the Education Amendments Act states, “No person … shall, on the basis of sex… be subjected to discrimination” in any school-based program, including their regulations, many male students continue to get away with many more advantages than female students.

Today, many males can walk around shirtless without any complaints from society. But when a female wears a tube top to school it seems as if their shoulders being exposed is the end of the world.

The district’s argument is that it can be distracting. In reality, it seems like sexual discrimination. Females are constantly subjected to judgment under physical appearances and that should come to an end. Everyone should feel confident going into campus and should get the opportunity to express themselves. Students should be able to dress how they want to a certain extent. The extent being appropriately casual but showing your shoulders is not inappropriate. 

The district focuses on individual creativity but yet constantly cages it. Although the school district may have qualified arguments for the dress code, they should at least make it equally enforced for all genders.