Baseball League Champions!

Senior Night Win Against El Cerrito + Interview with Senior Star Deven Irwin


Sueanna Irwin

The Pinole Valley High School Varsity baseball team — league champions!

Ryan Armstrong, Staff Writer

The Pinole Valley Spartans won their final baseball league game against the El Cerrito Gauchos last Friday making them League Champions! Led by the powerful Seniors, Deven Irwin, Fernando Dueñas, DeAndre Gaines, Teonnie Johnson, Josh Shanklin, Scott Siverson, and Tyler Collins, the Spartans were able to clutch a win with a score of 6-4 on their Senior Night. The game was filled with amazing plays that left fans excited the entire time. From a tremendous dive catch from Fernando Dueñas at second base to a great batting rally that scored in more than 4 runs to take the lead in the 6th inning, the team played hard and showed their skills the whole game.

This being the baseball teams senior night, there was a ceremony fifteen minutes before the game honoring the seniors. Each Senior walked upon with the field, accompanied by their parents. Everyone had a chance to take pictures on the field with friends and family before the big game. Congratulation to all of the Seniors of the Pinole Valley Baseball Team, for an excellent season!

This game was especially special thanks to Senior Star, Deven Irwin. Deven played centerfield for the first 4 innings, then came in to pitch in relief for DeAndre Gaines. Within the time Deven was pitching, he Struck out 6 Gauchos, and did not allow a single hit or run. Here is an interview with the star, Deven Irwin:

How does a triumphant win like this make you feel?

It means a lot to me because you always dream about doing something special like that on the baseball field, and to be able to do it in front of all of my friends and family was an amazing experience.

Where you happy with your performance this year?

Yes, I am always satisfied with my performances on the field, but there is always room for improvement.

Do you feel sad about leaving the Spartans?

Yes and no, I am sad to not be with all of the same teammates that have played with for the past four years, but I am excited for what is in store for me in the future. I received a scholarship to a school in Wisconsin that I am planning on taking advantage of. They are asking me to play baseball for them.

That is exciting! Are you looking forward to leaving California or do you wish you were going to a school closer to home?

I wish I could stay but this has been a dream to play baseball at a higher level for all my life. I am excited to see what the future holds for me.



Here is a video filled with some of the best highlights and plays, followed by a short interview with Deven Irwin, posted by 49ers Cal-Hi Sports Reports: