The Spartan Softball Team is Hard at Work this Season


Elizabeth Johnston

Spartans Head Coach Vic photobombed the Gauchos after the game.

Elizabeth Johnston, Staff Writer

The Spartan Softball team gathered quite a crowd in the tiny bleachers of the Ellerhorst ball field on Friday afternoon, with many parents and friends cheering them on.

They showed their dedication and strong work ethic, drastically improving from their last game in just two days. We could see the results of their hard work in their playing. They played defensively, working to keep the Gauchos in check.

Some highlights from the game: Senior Vivi Le put the Spartans on the scoreboard with a run towards the end of the game, outfielder Haley Bish caught a great hit from the Gauchos when the bases were loaded, and pitcher Tatiana Perez struck out multiple Gaucho players, keeping them on their toes.

Coach Vic was very proud of his team, commenting after the game; “Today’s game was a pretty good effort. The last two games that we played, we got beat real bad, but they came out and really played today. With each game, I see us getting stronger. These girls are putting the time and effort in, being on the field each day. I’m proud of them. They play hard, and that’s what we’re supposed to do, play hard every game.”

There are still a handful of games left, so plan to clear an afternoon or two to cheer on our team. You won’t regret it! They play their home games at the Ellerhorst ball field, which is just a short walk or drive from the school.