Breaking news: We can decorate our graduation caps!

The undecorated graduation cap is now a thing of the past. Decorate on, Class of 2019!

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The undecorated graduation cap is now a thing of the past. Decorate on, Class of 2019!

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Cappin’ News!

Here’s to several Pinole Valley, Hercules, and De Anza students that helped advocate for those who wanted to decorate their caps for graduation. After a whole lot of fighting with the West Contra Costa School District, us students are now allowed to express our voices in a creative way.

How did this come to be?

A while back, Hercules High students were the only ones in the West Contra Costa School District allowed to decorate their graduations caps since they hold their graduation ceremonies on their own field rather than an actual building, such as the Richmond Auditorium. Although Hercules had this advantage for a good period of time, it was taken away to make things more “formal.”

Time went by and after several attempts of changing the anti-creativity policy, things changed. The senior class presidents of Pinole, Hercules, and De Anza came together in order to start a petition which got about 330 signatures.

After realizing that several parent and students believed that it should be allowed to decorate graduation caps, the principal of Hercules High reached out to the superintendent in search of change.

At last, it has been accomplished! The graduating class of 2019 is the first class after several years to graduate with meaningful symbols and words on their heads. While we are now granted the opportunity to express ourselves on graduation day, there will be restrictions. The restrictions are not official yet but the basic rules should be no profanity and things that make common sense.

Thank you class presidents of 2019 and those who have contributed! Here’s to expressing our individuality and changing the way people perceive us.

Fun sayings to put on graduation caps:

  1. “Para mi familia” – “For my family” in Spanish.
  2. “Just did it” – under the Nike theme
  3. “I worked hard so my dog can have a better life” – humorous
  4. “Thanks quizlet” – another humorous one
  5. “Dreams do come true” – fairytale/fantasy
  6. “12 years later….” – imitate the Spongebob time gaps, 12 years in school and now graduating!
  7. “Is this graduation? No this is Patrick.” – more Spongebob!
  8. “wHat aRe YoU doINg AfTEr gRaDuATion?” – if you know the Spongebob meme than you know!
  9. “On the next chapter” – cheesy 🙂
  10. “Adventure is out there” – from UP