Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

When you are of age to know about prom you can’t wait to experience it. When you see it in movies it’s like a princess/king night filled with joy, laughter, and fun. Almost every girl dreams about prom, getting ready for prom, and figuring out their date if that’s what they want. Some people plan in advance, order their dresses a month before to get it fitted, get shoes, and make appointments. Prom night is like a magical night for some. It’s a great experience for everybody.

Even boys, though they don’t have to do as much as girls, it’s still a process of making sure everything goes smooth and in their favor. Boys have to get haircuts and get suits and other things to be ready for the big night.

The real question is: what is expected at prom? What does the set up look like? As we all know, almost every school’s prom night is different. Or what class gets to attend is also different. For our school, we have to wait as Juniors to go to our first prom that is if we don’t get invited as sophomores or freshmen. We are blinded by it unless of course, an older sibling tells you about it or shows you a picture, but it won’t be really known until you get to see for oneself because everybody’s experience is different no matter the situation. I guess we’ll all figure it out when the day arrives!