Rainbow Six Siege (Game Review)

Rainbow Six Siege (Game Review)

Tyler Momono, Staff Writer

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft

Platforms:Pc,Ps4,and Xbox

Reviewed on Ps4

Rainbow Six Siege is a PVP shooter game, it is going to be four years old now as the new season releases. Your goal is you play this game is to win, they have different game modes like casual and ranked also have either bomb, hostage, and secure area. Your goal in bomb is to either kill all of the enemy team or plant the defuser and protect it, Your goal in hostage is to secure the hostage and run to the extraction point, and lastly, your goal in secure area is to go into the area and protect it for about 30 seconds. Then you have ranked and casual, if you play ranked you need 10 games to get your rank the different ranks are copper (lowest), Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond (Highest). Your goal is to be able to hit diamond which is where all of the best players in the game are at. In Casual you can play for fun with your friends and it doesn’t go toward your rank. My favorite game mode to play is ranked and bomb because ranked is fun and also bomb is the most competitive game mode.

I am now going to get into the different operators that are in the game, they each have a different special ability. The first one is Sledge he is an attacker and he uses his hammer to break soft walls or soft floors he has an Assault rifle and a secondary SMG. The next attacker is thatcher he has 3 emp grenades that can be used to destroy certain gadgets also is very good with thermite and when the other team has a bandit or lesion. Next attacker is ash and she is used as a fragger (used to get a lot of kills), she has 2 breaching rounds and flashbangs. The next attacker is thermite he is used as a breacher he can destroy a hard reinforced wall. I am now gonna talk about some of the year two attackers. The first year two attacker is Jackal he is used to track the enemy teams footsteps, so when the enemy team has been in the area he can track there footsteps that reveals the enemies position. Another year two attacker is Zofia she is a better version of ash because she has two breaching rounds, two stuns, and a claymore for extra utility.

I am now gonna talk about some of the defenders. The first defender is Doc and he has three stim pistols that you can shoot at your teammates to give them 4o health back. Another defender is Jager and he is a very useful operator he can stop grenades, flashbangs, fuze charges, etc… The next defender is Bandit and he is used when you need the wall electrified also helps when the opposite team has thermite. Now I am gonna talk about a year 1 operator, Valkyrie has three cameras that she can throw out and get extra information on the enemy team and where they are positioned. An operator from year two is Ela, who is used as a fragging defender which means when people hit her mines you can rush the enemy for the kill, when she first was released she was very overpowered and she had to be nerfed (less Overpowered), her gun now has a lot of recoil and also less damage on the gun.

As the game is going to year four they are releasing one new map and two new operators. The first season of year four you get a new map and two new operators, the 2nd season of year four you get two new operators and a rework (Making the map better) of the map called Kafe. The 3rd season of year four you get two new operators and a rework of the map Kanal which is a really old map that hasn’t been played in ranked since year two. Lastly the 4th season of year four you get two new operators and a map rework of theme park which came out in year two, season four.