Part 2: Friends Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

You can also express your love to friends and family!

Stephanie Jimenez and Gina Gallia

DIY gifts $5 and under:

  1. DIY Popup Card: Don’t know how to make one? Here is a tutorial.
  2. Open when letters: Cards, envelopes and a sharpie is all it really takes! Make as many cards as you please. Examples you can make are Open when…. you can’t sleep or Open when…. you’re sad. That way you can make your bestie feel super special! (Make sure to leave rules! Example: Open one a day.)
  3. Friendship bracelet: What symbolizes friendship more than a friendship bracelet! Here’s another tutorial to help you out! 🙂

DIY gift $5 and up:

  1. Baking Cookies or Cupcakes: Grab a box of your Valentine’s cake or cupcake & make them a delicious treat
  2. A Cootie Catcher Gift: Yes, we’re going old school with a twist! Make a Cootie Catcher and under every slip write down compliments or poems for your bestie! Don’t know how to make one? Here’s a tutorial.
  3. Jenga Valentine’s Day Game: You can buy Jenga for about $9 at Target. Then you can decorate each wooden block with hearts on the bases and on the sides add fun dares! It’s a fun game to do with a friend in the Valentine’s day spirit.

Store bought gift $5 and under:

  1. Socks with Candy: Guess what? Time to check out the $10 and under and $1 section at Target! Cute socks for only $1! And add some sweet to that gift! You can get their favorite candy for a reasonable price.
  2. Candy Graham and Rose: This can be store-bought, but here’s an easier and cheaper way. Buy candygrams with a rose from the class of 2022 for $5.
  3. A Deck of Cards or Uno with a Card: Buy your friend a nice game and buy them a nice card. In the card express your love and appreciation for them! Simple but lovely! 🙂

Store bought gift $5 and up:

  1. A Mug Gift Set: These are slightly over $5 at Marshall’s. There is a variety of drinks too! For instance, tea, hot cocoa, and coffee.
  2. A Stuffed Animal: Yes, it sounds pretty basic, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t get your bestie a regular teddy bear, go the extra mile and get them a Uni-pig or any mixture of animals! They’ll absolutely love it!
  3. A Bouquet of their Favorite Flowers: Yellow or white roses are perfect to signify your friendship. Yellow means freshness, happiness, and positiveness. White means purity completion. All things that are part of a healthy friendship!