Softball Season is Here!


Photo by Coach Vic.

The 2019 Pinole Valley High School girls softball team is ready to go.

Madison Goff, Staff Writer

Softball season is officially here! The Pinole Valley High School girls softball team began conditioning in late November so that everyone would be ready for tryouts. Now that tryouts are over and the team is picked, everyone is working as hard as they can in practice so they will be ready for game time.

The team’s first game is on February 13 and the season lasts until late April to early May. There are many home games this season that you’re not going to want to miss!

The varsity squad went 6-5 in league last year and they hope to do even better this year. For the past four seasons, it has been Pinole Valley and the team that coach Vic calls their biggest competition, St. Patrick St Vincent, in the championship game. PV has pulled through for the win every season except the last. Although the team came in second, they still made it to the second North Coast Section game which is a big accomplishment. “The goal for this season is to win the championship,” said coach Vic.

After last season, four highly useful players who made up most of the starting infield, graduated. This group also includes the team’s two best pitchers and catcher. Some might consider this a setback. But not coach Vic! When asked about how this might affect the team, he responded, “It won’t. We’ll do great.”

The team was lucky enough to have picked up a lot of good new players. Varsity now has some great new infielders, including three new pitchers and a catcher. The team also has some good hitters and fast baserunners. So there is nothing to worry about! With the help of their coaches, the new players, as well as the returning players, are determined to have a great season!