Bedwell the Best

February’s teacher of the month

Emma Lubinger and Gina Gallia

Having an amazing teacher in high school is life changing. Fortunately, Pinole Valley High is blessed with a many amazing teachers and among those is Mr.Bedwell.

Mr. Bedwell, a PVHS alumni, is a man who has influenced our school in so many incredible ways. He somehow juggles teaching 3 different courses, being head of the school newspaper club (Spartan Ink), running 2019’s school wide Poetry Out Loud competition, and being a father. All while maintaining a calm, collected, and empathetic environment for students to thrive in.

Mr. Bedwell not only works to help Pinole Valley grow as a whole, he truly does care for each and every one of his students individually. Senior Andrea Sanchez said, “Mr. Bedwell is a compassionate and caring person. He really takes the time to understand and get to know his students on a deeper level. He is the most supportive teacher here at Pinole. He has helped so many of us not only through education but emotionally as well.”

Congratulations on teacher of the month Mr.Bedwell! You deserve it.