Persona 5 Game Review

Persona 5 Game Review

Persona 5

Developer: Atlus
Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Review on: PlayStation 3


Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a huge fan of the Persona franchise. I started off with Persona 3 FES that had been released on PlayStation 2. Years passed and Persona 4 was released on PlayStation 3. Each game was not a disappointment and I was excited when Atlus announced Persona 5. Now with so many fans awaiting the new game, does Persona 5 exceed the others?


The story focuses on a high school protagonist, who is the player. After being falsely accused of assault, he’s expelled from school and sent off to live with a family friend in Tokyo. He meets many new friends who are also troubled by the toxic environment they’re in.

They no longer want to live under the tyranny of adults who have caused them oppression and injustice. After realizing they have special powers, they form the Phantom Thieves. With a mysterious app, they are able to enter the hearts of the corrupted people.

They transform by unleashing their persona, the inner selves, and defeat the shadows that live in the hearts. The player’s mission is to steal the core of their emotional world, the treasure. Once done, this reforms the person. The Phantom Thieves become the center of controversy.

Game Play

The game took many years to make, but the wait was worth it! The game is on a completely different level from the others. The graphics are amazing. Compared to other RPG games, Persona 5 takes the gold medal. The game captures me with its unique style and aesthetic which never made fighting shadows, parading through cities, or even just relaxing at home a dull moment.

Persona 5 still runs on a whole year calendar giving you plenty of free time. How you spend your time is still an important factor in these series of games.


Alone, the protagonist has a huge map area he can visit. These Japanese cities are extremely detailed. Pay for your ticket at the subway and you can explore so many places. The player can walk around in subways, find little vendors, and job opportunities. Each city has different stores, activities, and new people you can meet.

A feature I enjoyed is that every time you enter a person’s heart, you go through their palace that is specifically connected to them. Depending on who’s heart you enter,  you’ll find yourself in a mansion or dungeon. For example, entering the heart of an artist, your location will turn into an art gallery.

No other game uses friendship this important! Compared to previous games, maintaining and increasing your friendship levels with confidants unlock new skills that are important in a battle from death. There are about 20 confidants scattered throughout the game.

During free time, the characters can be found at certain locations for you to hang out with. With so many female characters introduced, it is hard to not fall in love with one of them. The option of dating is available. One thing I liked is that trying to get in a relationship takes more time. Trying to enter that stage, I had to go on many dates and help the girl out. I appreciated this because it helps you connect with them better instead of just picking them for their looks. Also before, there was no limit to how many girls you could date at the same time. In this game, there still isn’t a limit but there are still consequences.



Friendships really help you in the long run!

One thing I didn’t enjoy is the removal of joining clubs and sports. Before, entering a sport or club helped you gain skill and unlocked a new confidant to speak with. I simply don’t understand why the removal of clubs and sports happened.

Fighting battles have become way more fun! The battle system has changed much but added one major new thing. Before, shadows who realized they could be easily killed would scurry off or either just appear extremely nervous. You could never obtain a shadow.

Now, a shadow can become yours. The shadows are all personas who are up for grasp. The shadows that realize they can’t win may beg for a more diplomatic way the end things. They can offer money, medicine, or even allow you to keep them. The option to kill them is still there too.

Let’s say there’s a shadow that you want in your possession but is in no way backing down. The player can ask or threaten the shadow to be theirs. After asking, the shadow will ask you at least three questions which you must answer correctly in order to get them. If not, the battle will continue until either the player or shadow dies.


It wasn’t surprising that Persona 5 soundtrack would be fantastic. Each game in the series has had amazing music. The game switches from jazzy tunes you hear while walking around cities,  to some pop rock in an intense battle! Even though the music was great, there should have been more. The game has more than 100 game hours. Hearing the same songs over grew somewhat tiresome.

Rating: 9/10

Persona 5 exceeded my expectations. It was on a completely different scale than the other games. I could talk about the graphics forever! I had never played a game with such an amazing aesthetic that’s implemented in every single part of the game. Not only did I like how realistic places looked, I loved how it was actually realistic. Time matters, and the way you spend it determines how the upcoming month will be. Many times in the game I found myself slacking. That isn’t surprising. This has always been an issue with me and the persona series. A game that has more than 100 hours of gameplay will at some points be boring. Persona 5 still had that issue. Ignoring that Persona 5 was a pleasure to play. The bond the player makes with so many people is unforgettable. For me, saying goodbye to the friends i made during the game brought me to tears. Each confidant was memorable and a joy to max out.  Persona 5 has been one of the best games I have played.