Customizing Your Hydroflask


Photo by Maliyah Hart

Kayla Collins’ hydro flask (photo by Maliyah Hart) Special Edition Pink and Yellow Ombre Hydro flask

Maliyah Hart, Guest Contributor

Lately, students of all ages have begun investing in hydro flasks and for a good reason. They may be a little pricey but are definitely worth it in the long run. If you have not heard of hydro flasks by now, they are durable stainless steel bottles that keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold. They come in many different colors and sizes along with special edition designs.

Students have begun to customize their hydro flasks with stickers, bracelets, and paint. There are so many ways people have made their hydro flask their own and you’re usually able to tell what kind of things people do or like from their hydro flask. I have used all of these customization methods to cover dents I have accidentally made in my hydro flask.

One way to customize your hydro flask is the most common way, which is using stickers! Stickers can be bought at various stores everywhere. These can really make your hydro flask recognizable and unique.

Another way people customize their hydro flask is with bracelets. Some people get the rubber bracelets from different events and wrap them around the body of the hydro flask. Other people buy or make friendship bracelets to wrap around the handle of it.

The last way that would be the most customizable way would be to paint your hydro flask the way you want it. In order to do this, you can just use normal acrylic paint and spray it with a waterproof sealant. This is a little more time consuming than just putting stickers or bracelets on it but it is definitely worth it for the finished product.

I would definitely recommend getting a hydro flask because it is super durable and lasts super long. I know this due to my own experiences of dropping it, hitting it on cars and poles, etc. If you think more into it, you’re also helping in saving the environment by not using plastic water bottles.