Sagittarius Season


Anait Aliaga and Uchenna Hernandez, Staff Astrology Writers

With the ending of Scorpio season, Sagittarius takes over. Starting November 22, the sun enters its ninth sign, Sagittarius. Previously, we were dealing with a water sign, making it a tough and emotional period. One that would tear you down. Sagittarius, being a fire sign, ignites determination and energy in you.

Sit back and relax! This is the season to enjoy and take a break from the hard work you have been doing. It’s time to celebrate from the hard times. Go on vacation mode before entering Capricorn’s work grinding season. Great energy for expansive vision.

Take this break to focus on what goals you have put aside. The fire sign reignites your passion of whatever you’re doing. It’s time to figure out what you will be aiming for later on the upcoming year. Do not hold yourself back. You might feel inspired to break free from the barriers that were holding you back. But remember to have fun while doing so.

Now Sagittarius season does not only affect Sagittarius. It brings this passion to all of the signs!


Capricorn ( Dec 22- Jan 20)

It’s the season to focus self-care. Devote a good portion of your time on yourself. Take a break from the hectic holiday season. If not, you might end up burning yourself out. Your usual day-to-day grind grants you permission for this vacation month. It’s also good to prepare yourself for your upcoming season.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Leaving the previous retrograde has made you question what direction you will take. This season, your usual self will encounter a more social you. You will feel open-minded and super inspired to do something. Maybe it’s time to revisit any unfinished projects or ideas. It’s a perfect time to feel prosperous

Pisces (Feb 18- Mar 20)

Pisces, through giving your energy and intellect, you try to help everyone around you as much as you can. It seems as if you have mastered the art of being apart of this world now try and use your power for the greater things. This season, expect something new to pop up. It will be an opportunity for you to use your power for great work. You have so much potential on your side.

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 20)

Being a fire sign, you will feel similar effects of Sagittarius. This season shines on you too. Communication is your main topic of the period. Your social calendar will be filled. You may reconnect with old friends. If you feel yourself being more talkative than usual, watch what you’re saying. Spilling out a little too much will come back to bite you. Also don’t put too much on your shoulders. Do you have the time to jumble all that work that you are forcing yourself with?

Taurus (Apr 20- May 21)

This season won’t be affecting you much. A surge of energy will make you revisit some things you left in the past. It isn’t sure that this will be good or not, but it will help you make progress in life.

Gemini (May 21- June 21)

Feeling great? Well, that won’t change throughout this season. Feeling grouchy? Watch your words and actions. You may unintentionally affect those in your surrounding. Once you work past your hardships, this season encourages you to find your true self. Some form of energy will shift inside of you as the moon in Gemini transition to Sagittarius.

Cancer (June 21- July 23)

Your challenge is to stop seeing yourself as “overly emotional,” you have to start using your intellect to plan what to do next. Try and listen to your head for once instead of your heart , the heart is powerful yet it can only do so much. Relax, don’t try and make yourself feel like there’s so much to do or to catch up on when really you just need a break. Try and take it easy!


Leo (July 23- Aug 23)

The fire sign in you ignites in creativity. Your artistic insights will begin to flourish as you feel charged up. Your communication skills will increase as you begin to expand your social surroundings. Make some new friends and level up in whatever goal you are apart of.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 23)

Virgo, you will have too many goals and you’ll face sadness when they aren’t achieved by the end of the year. Too many things are happening at once for you. During this season, you may realize that you have ditched other parts of your life chasing prosperity in one certain area. Accept any changes going around you. Things are coming together for.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 23)

The worst feeling to you is conflict, so try to think before you speak this season. Speaking your mind might cause arguments if you’re not careful. Be extra careful this season, as there can be some heated potentials for miscommunications and drama.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 22)

You may have been feeling tied down. You could have thought you were making it, yet now it feels like you’ve taken a million steps back or you may feel as you haven’t taken any steps in the first place and you are where you have been for a long time now,  yet this is not reality Scorpio. Try and set goals for yourself. Try and figure out what you want to be like and how you want your life to look like. Try to let go of your past and to bring you’re new beginnings by setting a vision to chase!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 22)

Sagittarius, put yourself first this season to get what you want. So much positive energy is flowing through you. This energy is really scattered so make sure you focus on one thing instead of many little things. Stay focused! Make sure the goals you are pushing forward to are practical. Have fun but don’t get too wild because once Capricorn season comes, you’ll have to ground yourself in whatever mess you’ve made. Also, the new moon will be in Sagittarius. The feeling of various impulses will excite you but right now your notion of right and wrong is not aligned. So be careful. This season is about you and have a happy birthday month!