TCAL Tennis Champion: Madison Goff

Senior Madi Goff offers advice for future Pinole Valley High School seniors.

Ryan Armstrong

Senior Madi Goff offers advice for future Pinole Valley High School seniors.

Ryan Armstrong, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Madison Goff, 2018 Tennis TCAL Division II champion, from Pinole Valley High School! On October 31 Goff reigned triumphant in her tennis tournament, beating 3 other teams: Richmond, Jesse Bethel, and Jesse Bethel’s second team. Madi Goff played two matches per team. The scores of the first two matches against Richmond were 6-0, 6-0. Jesse Bethel’s 1st team was 6-0, 6-1. The final matches against Jesse Bethel’s second team was 6-0, 6-1.

We conducted an interview with Madison Goff following the victory where she talks about TCAL, her background in tennis, and her future plans regarding tennis.

What got you into tennis, and how long have you been playing?

I’ve been playing since sophomore year and I started playing because I just wanted something to do in my spare time. I didn’t really know anyone that was playing, I just thought it was interesting so I wanted to try it.

How does it feel to win TCAL?

It feels pretty good because… I don’t know it just feels really good to win. Playing in the regular season and working hard just feels like it paid off well.

Do you see yourself playing tennis as a future career?

Uuuh, I see myself playing for fun in the future, but it is definitely something that I want to keep playing and not give up.

What about in college?

That’s what I am thinking about, I think it would be fun but we’ll see.

What helped you achieve this victory?

Practicing a lot, great coaching, and practicing with my whole team. I feel motivated by the other players on the team, it really helps when they are cheering for you. It pushes me to do well.

How do you like your team?

I really like it, they are all nice and super supportive of everyone.

Throughout your High school experience, how have you improved? What has caused you to win more this year and lead you to your victory at TCAL?

I started taking it more seriously this year. Last year I only played for fun. I started actually getting into it and enjoying it more.

Do you ever practice off-season with a club or just for fun?


Madi Goff proudly wearing her NCS hoodie!

I play just for fun a lot. I take my brother down and play with him. I’m trying to get my brother into tennis. He’ll be here next year and I am just trying to train him.