5 Last-Minute Ways to Get Your Grades Up


Milan Horta, Staff Writer

The end of the quarter is coming fast, and many of us have grades that have slipped during the course of the first quarter. It’s the time where we all find ourselves struggling to slap together a decent or passing grade. It’s okay, no one’s alone in this, a lot of us are overwhelmed by the numbered days before the grade books are shut tight and the report cards are on their way home. So whether you are somewhat worried or completely stressed, here are five flawless, last-minute ways to get your grades up.

1. Coming in at lunch or after school to talk about grades

Though it’s much easier to talk to your teacher hurriedly during class, it’s best to come to talk to them about grades at lunch or after school. It shows that you really do care, and are willing to put in the extra work to succeed it that classroom. Find out the times your teachers are available after school, and speak to them about your grades then. A lot of times when you remind teachers to put in assignments or omit others, they accidentally forget. In order to keep that from happening, come in when they’re not busy so that the grade can get changed right away and you won’t have to keep stressing.

2. Tutoring

It may seem like it’s a bit too late for tutoring, but before you take the final tests, make time for a couple of tutoring sessions. Tutoring happens after school in the library, Mondays through Thursdays, until 5 pm.

3. Test corrections

The 200 point tests have been hurting all of our grades, and watching your grade plummet over a single test isn’t fun. So put in the effort and see if your teacher offers test corrections or retakes. If they do, review your old notes or the section the test is based on in your textbook. Make new notes relevant to what you know the test is on, even if you can’t use them. See if any of your friends or classmates understand the work and have them explain it to you. If none of these work, try going to tutoring to get explanations of problems you don’t understand.

4. Search PowerSchool for missing assignments to complete

If your teachers allow you to turn in late work, put in the extra time to go through PowerSchool for assignments that you haven’t completed. Write them all down and see if you can complete them on your own, or if you can ask your teacher for another worksheet. Even if you can’t get full credit on the work, you can at least boost your grade slightly. If you notice that you have F’s on assignments that you’ve turned in, make sure to speak to the teacher about it, even if it means searching through mounds of paper for your lost work. (If you notice your teacher is partial to losing work, make sure to take a picture of your work before turning it in.)

5. Extra Credit

Okay, so we know extra credit is around, but how many of us actually do it? Sometimes the extra credit is a painfully long presentation or a page of headache-inducing math problems, but if you know you really need those points, go for it. Check with your teacher and classmates to see if you can manage to get your hands on some extra credit points.