Trust me, it will come in clutch!

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Ladies! This is what you should put in your clutch for Prom!


  • Deodorant: Dancing the night away is fun and all… but the unpleasant smell isn’t! Hot bodies everywhere can cause a musty environment which you can help to avoid by packing a travel sized deodorant in your purse. Trust me, it will come in clutch! Haha.
  • Perfume: Of course you do not need to take a whole bottle of perfume to Prom. You can take any sample or travel size perfume in your clutch. Word of advice, make sure it’s a long lasting signature scent.
  • Mints: Like they say, “If someone offers you a breath mint, accept it.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr.. Rather than you asking for a mint, why don’t you provide it? After a long night having a fresh breath is a perfect essential!
  • Bobby Pins: We all know having your hair picture perfect for Prom is important! That is why it’s better to be safe than sorry. After dancing for a while your hair won’t be as flawless as when you arrived. So, stash some bobby pins in your purse to help it up when it’s down!
  • Stain Removal Stick: Accidents happen all the time. Being extra prepared is never a bad thing! You wouldn’t want to risk having a stain show up in your Prom pictures!
  • Fold-up Flats or Socks: Yes, heels give you an extravagant look… but who’s going to look at your feet when you’re dancing? Give your feet a break while you dance! Even Cinderella couldn’t resist taking her slipper off at the Ball!
  • Phone: Capturing the moment is everything! You will want to bring your phone to take as many pictures as possible. You can even add a little style to your phone by getting a cute and durable case!
  • Band-Aids: You never know what could happen on your special night. That is why having band-aids is a good item to have in your bag.
  • Chapstick: It does not necessarily have to be chapstick, it can be any lip product. It is significant to have that extra touch.
  • Blotting Papers: After a long night with lots of dancing, your make-up starts to wear off. You did not spend an hour or more doing your make-up for it to not last the whole night! So makeup your mind and make blotting papers a must so your stunning look lasts longer!