Cal Day 2018


Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

 Every year, April 21st, there’s a day at Berkeley  called Cal Day. Cal Day, is a day where everyone in the Bay is invited to check the University of Berkeley or Cal in general and sees all the music, shows, and foods that make the university great.  I went around 1:00 with some friends and checked out everything. Cal day presents itself with an band and an opening with a speaker. You see all the stands of all the clubs and courses they offer, also food you can never forget.  They had about the most delicious pastries and they offered them to everyone. I just went to explore everything, meeting new faces and checking out the sites of Telegraph Ave and the school. Around 4 everyone crowded up to the Berkeley Memorial Glade where there was a show with bands and musicians; this year, there were 2 playing. A Bay Area band,  No Vacation, and from my past Articles, Hawthorne Caifornia’s own, Cuco. They played all sorts of songs from their talented albums and filled Berkeley colors up to the sunset, 5pm sky.. Next year Cal day will come through and I can only hope there’s more talented artists who’ll step up and bring a show, or someone from Pinole Valley  representing the school at Cal Day.