Pay Day Is The Best Day

Pay Day Is The Best Day

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff writer


Numerous of us high schoolers either have a job or are considering looking for one and some of us wonder “Why should we get a job?”. Every person is different, therefore, a job can be a sturdy idea for some but not all.

I am a junior at Pinole Valley High School with a job. I work as a part-time receptionist at a luxury real estate office in Orinda called Alain Pinel. My job is to do things such as opening the office, answer phones professionally and promptly, greet visitors in a courteous manner, help realtors, etc.. I started working there my sophomore year at the age of 16 and now I have been there for a little over a year. I make sure to always have time for school, so, I only work every other weekend.

Having a job has taught me many things. For instance, how to manage time better, how to be more responsible, etc.. I personally think having a job is a fantastic idea if you’re eager to gain more knowledge on work experience.

How to get a job?

  • First things first, you need a well laid out resume. Your resume should have everything substantial about yourself. Common things could be your education, experience, achievements, volunteer work and activities. If you are planning on creating a resume anytime soon, it is a great idea to use a template on google docs but make sure it looks PROFESSIONAL.
  • Second, time to look for options! At our age most of us lack experience thus, we should be more lenient. Apply to many jobs even though they are not your top choice. A little word of advice, do not take no as an answer! Be outgoing! Show them they won’t regret hiring you!
  • Third, once you get hired by an employer it’s time to get your work permit. How do you get it? You can go ask for the “Statement of intent to employ minor and request for work permit” at the front office. Then, they will check to make sure you have good enough grades for a reasonable amount of hours because school comes first. The document should be completed by you and your employer. Later signed by the employer and your parent or guardian. Finally you turn it in and wait for it to get approved.

*Special announcement: If you have a job and want to earn credits for it, you can take a work experience class. Look for Mr.Porto for more details*

Having a job come with lots of responsibility. You have to know how to manage time well, how to be organized, resourceful and more. Although we have our whole lives to work, it is nice to help out our parents by paying for our own things. Having a job can teach you so many new experiences. Yes, working is, well, a lot of work at times but when you get a pay day it will be the best day!