Amen: The album


Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

The Album, Amen by Rich Brian who went through depression himself and got through it, will provide the same for any listener in pain or going through issues.  This album was released February 2nd and is starting to catch fire. Rich Brian, an 18 years old Indonesian rapper, expresses his “sound” throughout this Album. With special guests like; Offset, NIKI, AUGUST 08, and Joji. Brian surprisingly learned English simply by watching Youtube Videos. He finished high school and is going on tour soon with Joji. This album talks mostly about his feelings about fame. He talks about staying up at night and losing people that were valuable in his life. A song that really shows this in practice, is “Introvert”. The low claps and heavenly melodies it loops around makes it a great song. The lyrics are where the magic happens, the connection of friendships and respect between Joji and Rich Brian is diverse with Joji being a successful comedian and to Rich, the rapper.  With the verse, ”Feelin’ so low, like 2%”  Brian means he’s not feeling rocky from his fame and who he is now. Many artists show how different it is to live a rich lifestyle rather than a normal lifestyle as an average person. Brian makes me think that he does this not for the fame but because he wants to become successful enough for his parents to see, and he does this by collaborating with great artists. Most of the beats he uses are samples from others that he then makes his own. Rich Brian is coming to The Warfield, San Francisco Wednesday the 7th with Joji. Catch your tickets if you can! And if you missed out, you can put on Amen and get close.