Places in the Bay-Huong Tra

Rose Figueroa, Staff Writer

Today’s famous place in the Bay goes to the amazing Vietnamese cuisine-Huong Tra! This superb restaurant is located in Richmond, Ca and it has a 4.5 star rating on Google that is definitely well deserved!


One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the speed of their service, accuracy, and the staff. Even in their busiest hours the staff still serves every single item in a fast paced manner. They are quick to take your order and within minutes they return with a hot plate of delicious food.  The staff at Huong Tra are quick to serve and they make sure that your order is accurate, you get exactly what you ordered.  Lastly, their friendly staff never goes unnoticed.  They consistently welcome every customer with open arms and make sure every customer has what they need.  Even during peak business hours, the staff come by to say, “hello” and if you go often enough, they know exactly what your “regular” order is.





If you are searching for a place with great prices and quality food this place is your spot! Their inexpensive menu makes a great meal for anyone on a budget.

Glimpse at some items on the menu.






The food at Huong Tra is just amazing! From Pho soups, fried rice, Vietnamese sandwiches, to bobas their food never disappoints. Every dish is served with care and a delicious factor. I personally am a huge fan of the crispy prawns and the Vietnamese Sandwiches. The crispy prawns are exactly what their names’ suggest themselves- deep fried shrimp (who doesn’t like anything deep fried?) coated with the best ginger and jalapenos! The Vietnamese Sandwiches all contain your choice of meat, cucumbers, cilantro, thin sliced carrots, mayonnaise, and sauce. I would also recommend their amazing Boba smoothies! All of their smoothies contain a good consistency of milk, sugar and ice and are very fruitful in flavor.

From Left to Right in order of Top to Bottom:

-Fried prawns

-Spicy chicken over white rice

-Medium rare beef soup

-Squid salad with minced peanuts







This restaurant is recommended to anyone and everyone. It maintains an affordable price while also keeping great quality. If you are a Vietnamese food lover in specific–this is a place you will want to visit for sure!