Reflections of Distance Learning


Ana Paula Medrano, Special to Spartan Ink

I get why some students might feel stressed or like it’s hard to keep up with classes because some of my friends feel that way but I don’t. School has honestly never been better.
So far it’s easy for me and I understand what I have to do. Zoom classes can be annoying but not as annoying as having to dress up and get up early for school. And about how we have different classes on different platforms it’s not that hard to memorize where your classes are if you can deal with that and remember the room number when we have regular school.
But for my friends they feel stressed and feel frustrated like they have a lot of work to do or have to deal with other things. About students needing a safe place to get away from home is probably the ones that I feel really bad about. I don’t necessarily feel motivated to do my work but if I want to graduate and go to a good college I have to do good in school.
Some teachers aren’t sticking to the schedule and providing work on days that aren’t theirs and that so annoying. So far I think the district nailed it with the schedule and I feel way more ready to learn when I wake up at 9:30 rather than 6:30 since i’m still halfway asleep. Having an A period doesn’t feel that hard anymore either and having 3 or 4 classes a day really reduces my stress. And how in the article it said teachers weren’t teaching about things going on in the world I feel like it’s different for me. For example in this class you are educating us on how the police got militarized, and on how they’re killing innocent people. I think the AOW’s are a great way to inform us and overall I think you’re doing great in that aspect. But this is also different for everyone so I understand why students might feel that way about online school.