HARLOE re-enters the spotlight with ‘Rivers Run Dry’.


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The cover of HARLOE’s second extended play, ‘Rivers Run Dry’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

American singer-songwriter HARLOE is a veteran on the mainstream music scene.

She made her initial debut in 2009 as “Jessica Ashley” and released her debut EP, Prelude, in May 2012 before signing to Epic Records in 2014, rebranding as “HARLOE”, and dropping her new debut single, “All My Feelings”, in October 2016 followed by “More Than Ever” in May 2017.

Although she was a promising up-and-coming voice on the mainstream pop scene, HARLOE found success behind the scenes as a songwriter, penning tracks for the likes of American singer, dancer, and Princess of Pop, Britney Spears; English singer-songwriter Charli XCX; and American singer-songwriter and the American Idol, herself, Kelly Clarkson. 

Her work with Clarkson would earn her a nomination at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in February 2019, and inspired by her newfound success, HARLOE decided to step back into the spotlight, signing to Roc Nation in late 2019 and dropping her second EP, Rivers Run Dry, in early March.

The EP is a silky smooth R&B and soul-inspired record with added touches of contemporary pop that largely discusses themes of love and relationship struggles, and each song grows and evolves the more you listen to them.

The lead single and title track opens the project with gorgeous synths and strings before morphing into a funky R&B jam in which HARLOE begs her partner not to leave her with her stunning falsetto vocals that blend incredibly well with the smooth production. 

The music video features HARLOE sitting on a bench in the center of a wonderfully diverse museum scene that displays couples from all walks of life to show the many different forms that love can take interlaced with ethereal shots of HARLOE in a dimly lit room conveying the emotions of the song through her facial expressions.

Other standout tracks include “Cut Me Loose” — an absolutely beautiful ballad with a deeply personal sentiment that describes wanting to be set free from a toxic relationship; the fourth single, “We’re All Gonna Lose” — a sultry serenade about knowing that there’s no use in getting back together with someone, as the relationship is tainted and cannot be repaired; and the third single and closing track, “Crush On You” — a groovy contemporary bop that sees HARLOE crushing on someone despite knowing that the relationship would never work out, so she doesn’t pursue them and struggles to move on as she watches them date other people.

Rivers Run Dry is a cohesive body of work that effectively showcases HARLOE’s emotive songwriting skills and captivating vocal abilities as well as a refreshing R&B record that is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

Stream Rivers Run Dry on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/10lWNqHPXvaGEG9p0tVoPh?si=xNw5WuAYRHaALVfLdAk5_w 

Watch the music video for “Rivers Run Dry”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLvAtVLxBmc 

HARLOE in the music video for “Rivers Run Dry”.