Planet 1999 send us to the stars with ‘Devotion’.


PC Music

The cover of Planet 1999’s debut extended play, ‘Devotion’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Originally hailing from France, London-based dream pop band Planet 1999 is a trio consisting of lead vocalist Caroline Maulin and producer brothers Alexandre and Charles Teiller as well as the first band signed to London-based electronic label PC Music.

They first emerged in September 2019 with their debut single, “Spell”, before earning some additional recognition on the underground pop music scene for co-producing English singer-songwriter Charli XCX’s promotional single “February 2017”, and after two follow-up singles, “Party” and “Replay”, the group released their debut EP, Devotion, in early March. 

Described by DAZED as “something of an anomaly for PC Music”, Devotion is a stark departure from the usual sound of the label’s catalog, which is known for its hyper-surreal interpretation of pop music and heavy electronic production, due to its dreamy, laid-back tracks and ethereal atmosphere inspired by 90s shoegaze.

Aligning with the band’s motto, “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT EMOTION”, Devotion is full of emotional love songs with a space-like feel and the power to take the listener on a journey through the stars.

The opening track, “Spell”, is a subdued, hypnotic number about being mesmerized by a lover; “Party” is a stunning synth pop fantasy with a strong melancholic tone and a super fun, lo-fi-esque music video that stars the members of Planet 1999 alongside their animated mascot, Zippy, who also appears on the cover art; and the title track is an auto-tune dream that showcases Maulin’s gorgeous vocal abilities.

Although sonically different from PC Music’s repertoire, the EP is still very much a part of the label’s brand with its bright synths, catchy melodies, and minimalistic pop production; and the trio follows the quirky, contemporary image of the label as well.

With the release of their first EP, Planet 1999 revealed in an interview with DAZED that they’re currently working on the follow-up and explained that while Devotion had more of a “demo vibe”, their new music will be much more produced in order to showcase their evolution as a band, but as we wait for the next step in their journey to the stars, be sure to stream Devotion, which is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Watch the music video for “Party”:

The members of Planet 1999; (from left to right); Charles Teiller, Caroline Maulin, and Alexandre Teiller in the music video for “Party”.