French Police refine their sound with ‘Haunted Castle’.


French Police

The cover of French Police’s second studio album, ‘Haunted Castle’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

After releasing their self-titled debut album in January 2019 followed by their debut EP, Pedaleo Nocturno, that June, Chicago-based indie rock band French Police continued to promote themselves and their music through various live performances before the arrival of their second studio album, Haunted Castle, in late February.

The record largely follows the band’s signature sound, which they describe as being characterized by “fast melodies”, “distant voices with short verses”, and “lots of reverb”; however, some of the tracks sport a more traditional song structure with longer verses and more prominent vocals, such as the lead single, “Dance with Me” — a dark, captivating bop with a ghostly atmosphere — and the third single, “Mission” — a warm, yet somber track with pulsating 80s-style drums.

Sonically, Haunted Castle carries a sense of melancholia that can be felt on tracks like “Sushi and Sex”, “I’m Upset”, and “Future Past” — a spacey, ethereal number with strong vocals that reminds me of iconic English singer-songwriter, actor, and rock God David Bowie for a reason that I can’t explain.

It’s also French Police’s first project to come with visuals, as the second single, “En la Noche”, was accompanied by a music video that may appear unassuming at first, but don’t be fooled because there’s an unexpected twist at the end that’ll surely leave you in shock as it did me.

Although similar to its predecessors, Haunted Castle is a notable improvement over French Police’s previous work with a much more refined sound and production quality that effectively showcases the band’s raw talent and impeccable use of guitars, synths, and a drum machine.

Haunted Castle is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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The lead member of French Police, Brian Flores, in the music video for “En la Noche”.